Chat Clients



Pidgin is a free, open source, cross-platform chat client (formerly known as Gaim) that allows you to log-in and talk simultaneously on multiple chat networks. A common example is when you are able to chat with friends that use MSN, Google Talk or Yahoo Messenger; instead of using three different apps, you are able to talk with each…

Cross-platform Open-source Version 2.10.12 Latest update: January 4, 2016

Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger is the most popular chat client in the world. While other clients tends to gain more popularity in one country or region this one is definetely popular worldwide. You can chat with friends, family, you can see them and they can see you using a webcam, send text messages ( SMS ), make free PC to PC calls and PC to phon…

Windows Freeware Version Latest update: January 7, 2016