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CouchPotato is a free, open-source automatic movie download application designed to work on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. It can perform automated searches via NZB and torrents. You can use this program for different tasks such as: automated downloading and sending of NZBs to SABnzbd, automated downloading of .torrent files to a specified folder on your computer, movie sorting and renaming, easy adding movies via IMDB UserScript - including trailer downloads, set the quality of files ( choose from different formats: HD, BR-Disk, SD, 1080P, 720P, BR-Rip, DVD-R, DVD-Rip, Screener, R5, TeleCine, TeleSync, Cam - it also allows overwriting if a better quality is found) etc. This tool offer support for different torrent (ThePirateBay, KickAssTorrents, PublicHD, TorrentLeech, SceneAccess, TorrentDay, PassThePopcorn, SceneHD) and Usenet (NzbX, Nzbindex, OMGWTFNZBs, NZBClub, FTDWorld, Binsearch, Newznab, Nzbsrus) providers.

CouchPotato Review

You can consider CouchPotato a free, automated download manager-searcher or a personal video recorder that can be used to perform different queries on Usenet servers and several torrent sites. As soon as you download and install this application, your firewall will come up and ask you to allow or deny the access to the Internet. It's the same, standard window for any application that tries to access the Internet so it's perfectly normal. The first thing that I noticed at CouchPotato was it's interface that was launched in my default browser using localhost on 5050 port.

The installation process is easy, even if you never used Usenet before. The next step is the configuration of CouchPotato which was also designed to be intuitive enough for most users. You have to choose from different options such as: general program settings, on what torrent websites or Usenet providers you want to search, specify the quality by type of files and size, choose the folders where you want to download your files, perform renaming operations, download subtitles and trailers, install a Bookmarklet to add movies via IMDB, appletrailers and others, create watch-lists, setup notifications when movies are done or snatched (available via XBMC, Plex, Notifo, Synoindex, Windows Phone, Notify My Android, Toasty, NMJ, Pushover, Email, Boxcar, Growl, Prowl, Twitter) and much more. The number of options is much higher not to mention that new features are being addded so I will stop here with my enumeration.

Just remember this: you can always change the current settings. To do this, open localhost on port 5050 (make sure that CouchPotato is running) or go to your task-bar, select CouchPotato and choose "Open". The CouchPotato web interface will start right-away in your default browser and all you have to do is to access the small settings box located on the right-side (up). Hit that box and choose the first box named "Settings" and you can configure the software again. Finally, this application is a gem for the avid video watcher and above all: it's free and clean.

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