File Sharing



ApexDC (known as ApexDC++) is a free, file sharing (or peer-to-peer) program for Microsoft Windows based on DC++ and StrongDC++ projects. The software is open source, licensed under GPL-2 and it runs on Microsoft Windows XP SP3, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. If you're looking for ApexDC++ Plugins, please check the note below.

Windows Open-source Version 1.6.2 Latest update: May 31, 2016


BitComet is a free BitTorrent client and also a download manager for HTTP/FTP having the ability to support multiple simultaneous downloads. It is a complex multi-threaded and multi-protocol file-sharing software with a large amount of features (some of them being quite unique) such as: (1 - BitTorrent related) long-term seeding, tor…

Windows Freeware Version 1.39 Latest update: August 8, 2015


Deluge is a free, open source, multi-platform BitTorrent client for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. It uses libtorrent (complete C++ bittorrent implementation designed for efficiency and scalability), uses multiple-user interfaces (such as GTK+, web and console) and was designed using the client server model that runs a daemon capable…

Cross-platform Open-source Version 1.3.12 Latest update: October 16, 2015


Halite is a free, open source BitTorrent client based on the well-known libtorrent library. Being developed in C++ the program also relies on Boost libraries (famous portable C++ source libraries). It is one of the few BitTorrent clients with a low memory footprint, delivers a clean interface and has no adware. Please note that star…

Windows Open-source Version Latest update: January 28, 2016


QBittorrent is a free, open source application based on Qt4 toolkit and libtorrent-rasterbar that runs on all major OS such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, OS/2 or FreeBSD (including support for over 25 languages). The main purpose of this P2P Bittorrent client is to offer an alternative to uTorrent. The main features are: - similar u…

Cross-platform Open-source Version 3.1.12 Latest update: February 23, 2015