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PSPad is a well-known freeware editor among Microsoft Windows users. It was released for the first time in 2001 by Mr. Jan Fiala. Ever since, new features were added with each new release. Nowadays, PSPad is one of the best choice when it comes down to number of features and the variety of of syntax highlighting profiles. Since the number of features is overwhelming, those are just a couple of them: full HEX editor, support for Unicode, ANSI, ISO, OEM, auto correction, spell checking, undo-redo operations and unlimited length. Save desktop session (resume your work) and work on several documents at the same time. Built-in FTP client, macro recorder and active scripting for automation purposes, integrated TiDy library, code explorer, export to RTF, HTML, TeX formats. Advanced search and replace function that will work in all open files, folders and projects. View differences between files, presenting them using color highlighting with print preview, column block and Rectangular block selection, advanced line sorting and many other features. The editor is available in two formats: as a setup file (installer) and a portable version (zip archive). Please keep in mind that no version comes with spell check dictionaries and you have to download them separately from here.

PSPad Review

Important: Starting with 1st March 2015, PSPad is 100% clean, free of bundles, free of anything else that can be flagged as adware  - so please give this editor a chance! Please support the author with a donation for his courage to stop using bundles. Even a small donation matters - please use the "Donate" button.

The installation process is fast and you can run PSPad in a matter of seconds. As soon as you will run PSPad for the first time you might feel intimidated by the huge amount of features. Don't be, this editor has an excellent support, if you want to learn more about a feature check the HELP or FAQ sections. You can find almost everything you need to know about PSPad (including screenshots) such as entire chapters split on: basic information, working with PSPad, menu description, customization and once again a FAQ section.

If you're a programmer, you will also discover that besides of a comprehensive text and code editor, PSPad is also an easy and excellent IDE which allows you to edit and parse compiler output, not to mention that it's a better alternative to many, similar commercial programs. I can't cover all program features in a short review, also the help and FAQ sections that I mentioned does a much better job.

Regular users might not know why they should use such an editor. Just a couple of tips that I can think of: as a much better alternative to standard, plain text editors and even several Word-based applications. Think about the following features: multiple undo-redo, auto-correction, spell-checking, work with large files, save desktop session and start from where you left off and those are just a few of my favorites. As a final conclusion, PSPad is one of the best, free editors for programmers, web developers and even for regular users that look for the perfect text and code editor. Please support it with a donation!

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