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Last update October 26, 2016
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Set Wallpaper is a small, lightweight and portable utility for Windows. It will change your desktop wallpaper for your Windows computer to plain blue (FF00499C) and display information about your system configuration.

Set Wallpaper Utility for Windows displays the following:

- Computer Name
- user and Domain name
- OS version, 64-bit if applicable, and service pack level
- up to five IP addresses

Note: It works on Windows 7, 10, Vista, XP, Windows 2013, 2008, and Windows 2000. To launch the app click on the EXE file. No uninstall is needed, just stop the app and remove the EXE file. If you wish this utility to run each time you start the computer you can create a shortcut to the EXE file (or copy the executable itself) in your Windows startup folder.

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